GTA San Andreas cheats for PC
PC Cheats for Grand Theft Auto GTA San Andreas are listed here for archiving and recording purposes. GTA SA is an open-world video game which Rockstar Games


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  1. i can not end Madd dog Mission . How i can This Mission ?

  2. i no finish madd dog mission of GTA san andreas.
    please give me solution .
    i am bangladeshi.

  3. cool……. this thing rocks.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thaks………



  5. First jump the wall & kill the soldiers dont destroy the key pad.
    enter the area containing boxes kill the soldiers take the boxes & keep them ready to load into the truck ,now
    open the main gate by damaging the keypad.the truck enters.then start loading immediately.then definitely u can pass the mission.

  6. i can not finish the 10th level on sanandreas please give me the me the controles please please please.

    send me the controles my email is

    please send me the controles

    hope you email me.bye

  7. …to complete the mission,robbing uncle sam,first,type the cheat code:baguvix…for unlimited life…then,type:kjkszpj..for professional tools.Then,use a granade and throw it into the gate,the guard will die and the door will open because the granade had destroy the key pad…rider will drive the lorry into the gargage..then,shoot the guard beside of the door of gargage..then,shoot those guards that in the gargage…drive the forklift quickly and use “home” and “delete” to control it..after putting up the boxes ..put it into the quickly to the car gargage…On the road to the car gargage,many guard’s car will chase u..dun care about them..just drive quickly and park your lorry in the car gargage!!the mission will COMPLETE after that!GOOD LUCK!

  8. i cant pass the mission ”lure” please tell me how to pass it
    do u know how to pass t5he firefighter missions

  9. I can not finish level fith OG please give me advice how to dance


  11. well you catch up if the front part of the train , then you drive in the middle of the tracks that are not being used by the train your following and big somke will kill all of them just before the big bridge!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  12. ive finished the whole san andreas n ma fav mission is robbing uncle sam and the last one!

  13. follol fredi
    then kill him

  14. just follow the train .

  15. how to dance just prees the button lo bubby

  16. Hi… can any one tell me is there any cheat to complete Mission with out playing

  17. Hy y really need a tip for the mission that you have to make dance the car….?¿
    Thanks a lot

  18. I cant passed “Free fall” mission
    the plane to slow to pursuit Jet.

    did anybody now the solution?

  19. i cant do the one wen u have to make the car bounce i press the jump button and the arrow but i dont get any points please help

    send me an email with advices please

  20. to pass freefall mission, fly as high as the dodo will go and stay a little to the left of the north sign. then quickly get to the back of the hitmen’s plane. Kill everyone in the plane and land the plane at the airport.

  21. i want to finished all the mission through the cheats but i dont have that cheat so if any1 can get it for me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send it to my email plz

  22. I really need help i cant finish any mission is there a cheat to finish a mission without playing it

  23. Hi, everyone..
    Please help me..
    I cant win in low car competition..
    How to make car bounces??

    And I cant kill freddie.. Its suck!!
    I’ve try but I’m failure..
    Help me,,thanks

  24. Hey everyone i have passed the freefall mission anyone wants advice the mail me.

  25. hello body
    i cant complete the 10th mission cuz i dont know how to dance my low rider…
    i hit the arrow key s but it just turn the wheels, my low rider doesnt dance ‘n i dont know to do it.. please help me i have a mac….

    sorry for my bad english……

  26. hey i want to learn what is the cheat that cj and a girl will everything in the house? follow me in fb just reply there

  27. is there a cheat to get gold in gta san andreas?, as it is to hard

  28. will these codes work for mac?

  29. to pass love rider just go to option , controler opt, In vehicle and reset the bottom 4 cntrls as you wish to have

  30. Plz any1 tell me how to call a cab in gta san andreas

  31. i cant do the the low ride mission plz help

  32. will these work on the mac version when it comes out

  33. how do i enter the code?

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