Anno 1701 Cheats for PC

For archiving purposes, I have here posted the usual Anno 1701 cheats for PC.




Simply rename one of your warehouses to one of the case-sensitive names below to activate the desired cheat
Cheat Effect
BonanzaCreek 100,000 gold (in my experience it is limited to 999,999)
Linlithgow Warehouse filled with tools
SiliconValley All (current) research completed when you build the correct building
ParadiseCity Warehouse filled with all custom goods your people need to stay happy
MariaDelTule Raise proficiency of Lumberjacks
How to rapidly gain independence from the Queen. I discovered this, and it is the quickest way to gain independence rather than regularly paying your tribute. Just a note, after defeating totally the Queen’s Armada, ensure that you have the castle and the lighthouse built in your island!
Hint Effect
Build 5 Large Warships Reject any requests from the Queen for royal tribute (don’t pay her!). She will then send her royal armada three or four times. Just destroy any warships from the Queen until she stops sending her fleet and you will win your way to freedom!



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  2. Nothing happens if I rename my Warehouse?

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