Limit Reservable Bandwidth in Windows XP: DIY Hack

I like playing with these values as a practice. However, I have not yet proven if such a technique will dramatically show significant bandwidth boosts in your surfing or online gaming speeds. I say this because I am a user of broadband, ADSL and cable internet connections. I have numerous PC workstations in my own computer cafe to test the settings. I have never used a Windows XP machine in a dial-up setup as of yet though. Theoretically speaking, it should speed-up your Windows XP’s utilization of internet bandwidth, since it can free-up to 20% bandwidth previously held-up by default.

Windows XP reserves 20% of your available bandwidth for several reasons related to QOS or Quality of Services like Internet telephone systems, video, and also Windows Updates. However, if you’re like me who never uses QOS neither Windows Updates (I use windizupdate in Mozilla Firefox) this is most applicable to you.

I am a freak when it comes to tweaking so here it goes: Press “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” then hit Run and type “gpedit.msc” without quotes. This will open the group policy editor, then go to the following by step:

1. Local Computer Policy
2. Computer Configuration
3. Administrative Templates
4. Network
5. QOS Packet Scheduler
6. Limit Reservable Bandwidth.
7. Double click on Limit Reservable bandwidth.

Check on Enabled reservable bandwidth, then set it to “0”. You’re now done. I haven’t played yet with the timer resolution, outstanding packets and other stuff. That will be answered next time I discuss QOS.

14 Responses

  1. I tried it but nothing changed, I am sure it don’t speed up a bit

  2. kuya rock alam ko na kung paano ihack ang smartbro geh email mo lang ako, ano ba yung gamit mung alarm clock saka yung prang black notepad pahingi naman.

  3. Yup, whazzup bro? Check your mail keifer..

  4. […] no one else had tryed to answer this question — I decided to try Limit Reservable Bandwidth in Windows XP: DIY Hack THE11thROCK Technologies limit the bandwidth of system – Google Search Hope this helps — Some times you get […]

  5. This will ONLY work in xp pro

  6. tama yang zero yung reservable bandwith bibilis yung page uploading ng website it will help you up in terms of browsing but not in downloaing i will rate this kind of tweaking for 80% additional connection speed up!!!

  7. thanks for share i will try this

  8. ye guys i am using 1xevdo connection zte usb modem do any buddy know how to incress bandwidth for downloading speed as well as browsing ……… mail me

  9. ala naman nagbago boss. kelangan pa ba restart pc?

  10. time yoong timer resulotion at outstanding packet..anung mangyayari pag inincrease o decrease

  11. Tum saalo chutiyon ko kuch nahi aata….ek windows bandwidth nahi change kar sakte…ja ke dub maro saalo chaman kutto….

  12. that didn’t worked. speed remains same……

  13. Under START > My Computer > My Network Connections > View Network Connections, right-click on your connection and under Properties (where it lists your protocols), make sure QOS Packet Scheduler is enabled.

  14. its really working

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