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Top 15 Mozilla Firefox Add-ons

Not using Firefox? Go back to the ancient times! Firefox is the trend-setter and industry standard in today’s internet browsers. It is user-friendly, a thousand times safer than IE, free, open-source, multi-platform, highly-customizable and a webmaster’s partner. Use it and be empowered over the web.

The full potential of Firefox is actually released through the numerous add-ons available for free use. These are the ones compatible with FF 2.0 and I highly recommend all of them. Here are my top 15 add-on favorites in random order:

Adblock Plus: Block those casino, porn and Spyware ads. At last!

Better Gmail: After using this, gmail experience will never be the same again. Promise!

DownThemAll!: A nifty and handy Firefox download manager. Never disappoints.

ErrorZilla: Eliminate that “try again” button. Here’s the next generation of error handling.

Public Fox: Tired of cleaning stuff people download? Use this to limit file downloading. Prevent browser changes. Public Fox blocks users from downloading unwanted files. Locks down Add-ons, Preferences, ‘about:config’, and Bookmarks. You can also block websites. All these you can do with a centralized password.

FoxyTunes: Very solid. Switch immediately for one player to another without the need of opening or clicking their launch icons. Foxytunes does it all for you inside Firefox.

Gmail Manager: If you’ve got loads of Gmail accounts, use this to switch from one to the next. And it automatically notifies you of new mails in the time you specify. Do it all in Firefox without a separate software.

IE Tab: Still stuck in the dark ages? Then just give this little bombshell a try.

ImageBot: Never forget to bring this stuff if you’re accustomed to using Imageshack or Photobucket.

PDF Download: PDF Download lets you choose how you want to handle a PDF file: Read it in your favorite browser, download it, open it in an external application or view it as an HTML document.

WindizUpdate: Throw away the unsecured Windows Update still stuck in the IE engine. Use this powerful tool and be secured and safe downloading your Windows update in Firefox.

FasterFox: Make your FF browsing turbocharged and see the difference.

Duplicate Tab: I don’t know how I’d live normally if I don’t have the duplicate tab.

Fuller Screen: It’s better in full screen if it is FullerScreen!

Ook Video: Downloading Youtube or streaming videos? Here’s your passport.

So there it goes. My advice? Don’t leave home without these add-ons.

3 Responses

  1. im sure gwapo ang may ari at gumawa ng website nato. phingi ng pics pls.

    love you.


  2. Good, but some links error LOL

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