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Samsung Hard Drives: Worth buying?

I have to really let out a wail. Forgive me, but such a rant is sorely needed. Let me just remind everyone and the folk’s over there at Samsung that they can always contact or e-mail yours truly to air their respective side. Don’t ever purchase Samsung IDE ATA or PATA drives! It was pretty disappointing thinking that I thought I got a better and cheaper option by purchasing Samsung drives. Let me say that it was bad curiosity in my part why I chose to give Samsung a shot – despite being an avid user of Western Digital and Seagate. Of course, all of these headaches had been illicited by the frustration I got from Samsung drives.


Here are the things I encountered with Samsung:

80 Gb PATA
Initial testing drive was still ok and kicking ass big time. Bios detected, no boot-up issues. Installed XP pro without hiccups and booted second time around. The inevitable happens. Blue screen of death. Every single boot goes past XP loader but turns to BSOD before log-in. Reinstalled XP more than five times, the bad thing was I had a LAN party coming-up in the evening. Still same issue. Ran the Samsung diagnostic utility in DOS using Hiren’s, and It said the drive was ok, then rebooted and the Bios hung at the HDD detection screen. Returned drive for checking with PC Express in Fairview. Tech checks it out for thirty minutes to no avail. Replacement coming… Tsk! They gladly returned the drive to me after a month. Clean slate I was hoping. And so I thought. The story? The replacement drive failed in two months. Such a horrible experience led me to have it replaced anew and sold it off in exchange for the stable Seagate SATA drive.
80 Gb ATA
Worked like a charm for three months. Reinstalled XP on the third month due to what I thought was a driver issue with the OS. Rebooted, then an error surfaced: Operating system not detected. And one bad thing spooked me. Drive starts clicking and clickin’ wildly everytime. Rebooted – cold and shutdown. Clicking continues. Death is now coming to my drive I thought. And so it did.
10 Gb ATA
This one came with a second-hand PC unit from Korea. A note before you sound-off, I purchased ten units for a very cheap price. All of them P3’s. I acquired them just to beef-up my other 10 PC’s with AMD 64. And going back to the drive, only one was Samsung and all came with either Quantum, Maxtor or Seagate. All of them are working until now except the one from Samsung. The issue? The drive was performing very slow. I tested it thoroughly, used SMART, Samsung diagnostics, checked with Scandisk for bad sectors and all stuff you can name under the sun. I was pretty pestered that I threw it out after several painful testings. Yeah, I ditched it big time.

Lesson: Don’t bother buying Samsung drives. Stick with Seagate or Western Digital. Never had any issues with them. I never tested a SATA Samsung drive yet so I cannot post a review for it. And please, forget about ATA. SATA is now the norm. Faster, stabler, cooler temperature, thinner cables and more efficient. Unless Samsung will be able to fix-up and ensure that we don’t go through the horrific experiences consumers like us goes through, I won’t recommend it. Easily corruptible, cheap but also cheaply manufactured. Sorry for the word but I am hoping Samsung will improve its harddrive line. The only product I trust where Samsung’s name is stickied in it are their monitors. Yes the CRT ones.

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