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PC Options and RSun best PC stores in the Philippines

pc parts


When you buy a PC in Manila or the NCR belt, your best choice is only PC Options and RSun. Here’s why:

PC Options in Gilmore Quezon City by far in my honest opinion offers the best service and price range for PC consumers like myself. The price range of PC Options merchandise compared to other stores is most of the time 300 to 400 pesos (VAT inclusive) lower than what you can acquire in the market. They also offer purchases via Credit cards. The drawback and main downside with this store is they don’t have a website, and they only offer one year shop warranty. Most of the retail technicians too don’t use grounded straps when they open computer components, thereby at times damaging the parts before you can even use them.

PC Options also do not give out their pricelists, the lists are only placed at the top of their cashier counter. If there are many people in the store, you have to wait for the long queue before you get your turn to choose and buy your own. I also don’t know what’s the problem with their stockmen for it takes a long while before they manage to eke out the ordered components to their buyers. With regard to processors, though they sell really cheap processors, if you only buy a separate Intel or AMD procie without the board, then you have to pay extra 200 pesos. They also don’t offer volume order discounts.

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