PC Options and RSun best PC stores in the Philippines

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When you buy a PC in Manila or the NCR belt, your best choice is only PC Options and RSun. Here’s why:

PC Options in Gilmore Quezon City by far in my honest opinion offers the best service and price range for PC consumers like myself. The price range of PC Options merchandise compared to other stores is most of the time 300 to 400 pesos (VAT inclusive) lower than what you can acquire in the market. They also offer purchases via Credit cards. The drawback and main downside with this store is they don’t have a website, and they only offer one year shop warranty. Most of the retail technicians too don’t use grounded straps when they open computer components, thereby at times damaging the parts before you can even use them.

PC Options also do not give out their pricelists, the lists are only placed at the top of their cashier counter. If there are many people in the store, you have to wait for the long queue before you get your turn to choose and buy your own. I also don’t know what’s the problem with their stockmen for it takes a long while before they manage to eke out the ordered components to their buyers. With regard to processors, though they sell really cheap processors, if you only buy a separate Intel or AMD procie without the board, then you have to pay extra 200 pesos. They also don’t offer volume order discounts.

My suggestion, PC Options (I heard somewhere that it stands for Peter Chua Options – correct me if I am wrong) must have a website, and somehow a roomy expansion of their congested Gilmore branch. Though in my experience it is better presently (half an hour or more) compared in the past when you have to allocate half a day to buy your precious PC parts here. I think PC Options is a phenomenon in itself in Gilmore (being the first ever PC store there), a PC store for the masses. They also have a branch in Shaw.

RSun stands in close second here. They offer almost identical or sometimes slightly higher prices than PC Options, have volume order discounts, and the main advantage is the whopping 2 years warranty! RSun also offers a site http://rsun.com.ph for online purchases from COD, Shipments and On site pickups. It’s like a local E-bay with updated Pricelists, full parts specifications and sumptuous component pictures, only negative side is they don’t offer Credit Card outright online purchase. Their prices are VAT (Tax) exclusive. They have branches in Shaw and Taft.

One store that I believe is also worth mentioning is PC Domain in SM Fairview. They occassionaly lower their component prices when you buy by bulk orders. They also offer a one year warranty. The biggest issue with this store is that when you buy in their store, you’re always greeted with loads of carton boxes and greasy technicians. Other than that, you get a better buy for your PCs.

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  1. PChub is the best!

    • Hi!

      I would like to inquire if you do have a printer model such as this in manila. i would like to order.

      HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 A909g series

  2. To: PC OptionsYou are correct PC options offers the lowest price among others @ Gilmore. I got 2 laptops for our health reform project in Occ.mindoro from other gilmore outlet before I found out their low counter price.And also, you can personally monitor their price of laptops, it’s only in PC options where they have price drops in some items by a thousand in a week or a couple of weeks’ time after you last see them.There’s a dire need in fact to add sales personnel really. Please have a website too.

  3. If PC of PC Options refer to Peter Chua. Are you my classmate in UST Med Batch 79?

  4. Does PC option offer 0% interest for credit card purchases as well?

  5. PC Options really sucks!

    I don’t know if your serious or just being sarcastic by titling this post the “BEST” PC store in the philippines based on what you wrote which i reprinted below**…

    If you want to read horror stories about PC Options, go to the link


    **The drawback and main downside with this store is they don’t have a website, and they only offer one year shop warranty. Most of the retail technicians too don’t use grounded straps when they open computer components, thereby at times damaging the parts before you can even use them.

    PC Options also do not give out their pricelists, the lists are only placed at the top of their cashier counter. If there are many people in the store, you have to wait for the long queue before you get your turn to choose and buy your own. I also don’t know what’s the problem with their stockmen for it takes a long while before they manage to eke out the ordered components to their buyers. With regard to processors, though they sell really cheap processors, if you only buy a separate Intel or AMD procie without the board, then you have to pay extra 200 pesos. They also don’t offer volume order discounts. **

  6. Thanks for the feedback. That’s what is important with a fair article, you name the Pros and Cons in an item, product or service. No, you read it right. Even though PC Options have their shortcomings as a store, no other computer store in the Philippines is quite in their level in my opinion. That’s how I measure it through my personal experience and the feedback of other people whom I’ve known to be repeat buyers of PC Options. On the other hand, I also listed several stores which I believe are quite competitive and good in service like RSun and PC Domain. All the other stores, like PC Express and PC Hub only gave me nightmares, notwithstanding that I purchased from those stores several times before. Just like with TipidPC, you get great trading stories and horrific trade experiences too. If you have other stores which you may suggest to be featured here, please do so. Just my two cents. Cheers. 😉

  7. @jacob

    The link you provided is for PC Gilmore, fyi PC Gilmore is different from PC Options.


    Nice article. I only go to two stores at gilmore, first is Dynamic PC and the second one, of course PC Options. Other stores in gilmore gave me some horrific and bs experiences.

  8. HI there.. was just passing by in this page and saw comments on the cools stores…. well.. would kindly like to share my not so good experience last week @ PC gilmore just to warn some the honest consumers out there…. i usually went around almost every store at gilmore before i made up my mind and assemble the computer i need to build for my cousin… we were alredy there at 9AM.. well the first store that opened was pc options… went there to canvas parts and packages then went on to the other stores… although my cousin is quite impatient..so after going to 6 stores.. pcgilmore was the one who cought me and my cousins attention… maybe because the guy at the ground floor. seems very honest knows what hes doing during the estimate…. we went upstairs 3rd floor.. to start the purchase….. thats when all the problem started… some parts that was quoted are no longer in stock. “uh-oh”… i smell something fishy here… so i started to remove the 19FP monitor and Computer table… chassy we chose isnt that good but we had no choice since there is no pure black chassy on our quoted price…. after paying the Final Quote disaster happend…
    The guy went out from stock saying our first mobo choice was no longer in stock Asus P5B-MX so he will replace it with P5B-MX /WIfi capable.. so i said thats cool! btw- their mobo is Php4K plus. (i know.. sometimes.. im that stupid)… now comes the assembly.. we went to the assembly room saw that there are many black chassis being assembled similar to ours.. we asked to replace it.. they said..(no stock and thats the last of them)… after assembly is done… they fire it up.. “oops” nogo… guy recommended another mobo same model.. “oops’ still nogo… then he requested a different Asus board particularly the Asus P5B-E Plus. it worked!! then a guy from the stock talked to the technician and said that it needs additional of Php1000. i told them… its not my fault their Brand new Intel Core 2 duo would not work?..(i dont even know if its brand new since it was opened inside the stock for wrty sticker” then he gave me a discount. less Php200 Total cost for the Asus P5B- E Plus “Php5k plus” . i found an error on this board “Intel chipset Ucode loading error” when i got home… but thats ok… just minor bios update will fix it. and recently, a computer whiz friend told me that intel socket 773 is old and there are new asus release that are just “Php4K plus” anywyas… moral of the story is..
    Next time.. when i upgrade and buy a new pc for my own
    1. I will really do research first and check compatibility n quality of the 3 big parts (mobo memory and proc) so i can stick to one brand only and compare prices through there.
    2. I will make sure that i would buy a part and have them give me the sealed box before they even open it putting wrty sticker is no xcuse. must see the serial number first.
    3. Never will i buy at PC gilmore again… sorry. i know some of them are honest workers.. but some are just incapable, and others would just like to have their sales quota.

  9. partly i agree to the title but haven’t you tried gaisano
    they sell separate processor in a lesser price than pc options or rsun

  10. Well I saw your article/blog and I just want to pitch in my two centavos.

    Jepzy is right for points 1 and 2 especially 2 before buying any item make sure they show you the unopened box first and open it in front of you. Also take note of the serial number of the item.

    My tip is dont be afraid to walk away if they cant provide the item you want.

    Rsun might be great today but I’ve had bad experiences with them (two times, two different branches), they practice the bait-and-switch.

    I’d stick to the stores with the most customers (PC Option, PC Express in Gilmore) reason being they must be doing something right to attract that many customers.

    (Although I haven’t bought any computer parts from Gilmore in about 5 years)

  11. since 1998 i’m in Manila.. and whenever i need any parts of PC.. I need to go PCOption. i bought more than 300 complete pc’s from that store for me and my friends. No other store can give me lower rates and good service like that….

  12. I’ve heard that the PC Options in Gilmore will be closing next month or before Christmas this year because of some problems on there place and I heard that they are selling their PC peripherals 20 to 30 percent off

  13. I was a buyer in PC Options Gilmore ever since they were the only computer shop in Gilmore. Now, I still buy only from them. Most of the times, I check the available parts and prices from the websites of PC Express and others. But after researching the components I need, I head to PC Options only and buy the parts there. All of the other computer shops in Gilmore have marketing promos to entice buyers to buy from them. But not PC Options. They do not need gimmickry to entice buyers. For those who really know, it’s only worth buying from PC Options. It’s somewhat sad that many newbie buyers get enticed by the other shops. That is why I agree with the writer that PC Options needs a website so that many newbie buyers would know that it exists, and it is the best computer shop in Metro Manila.

  14. I agree with main article. PC Options and PC Domain are the best two stores in the metro today. Never been to the other one mentioned. Suggestion to PC buyers: make a list of your parts at home before going to gilmore or wherever you buy your parts. If shop of your choice doesn’t have the part, ask them when new stock will be available.. Don’t believe salesmen if they are trying to pitch “better” or “ewuivalent” products. Do your own research.

  15. about the 1st article, I partly agree. I do agree there is something dreadfully wrong with the way they serve customers. It does take an inordinately large amount of waiting time to finally get what you ordered. One’s prone to thinking that since they’re in the computer parts business they’d know that much about latency and wait states to apply that knowledge in handling their business.

    I’ve known PC Options since the 1990’s–that was back when my Dad introduced me to the world of computer components and peripherals, knowing what you want and need, and self-sufficiency (assemble-your-own motto)–when they were just a humble, not too well-known back office appendage of that sports store fronting gilmore street. My Dad got to talk to Peter Chua–he’s quite the ordinary guy who knows how to mingle with customers–several times when the latter would show up–and found out from one of their conversations that the sports store (Sports House?) was his brother’s.

    Yes, prices are okay, but i’d say RSun’s prices are much better (RSun is my main source of components nowadays). But that’s not really the meat of my PC Options gripe. I mentioned it already–it’s the dreadful latency from that impatient-excited moment you’ve stepped in line to order your merchandise to that glorious finale (heaven’s trumpets blowing from high and angels’ humming the hallelujah) you’re finally handed your order. That was the main reason why, whenever my Dad and I go there to buy our pc components, we have to set out from our Marikina home as early as 5 or 6am. pag medyo late k umalis gudluck nalang!

    If I were to choose between PC Options and PC Express, i’d head directly for PC Express, since the latter is more organized when it comes to handling customer orders. I avoid PC Options like the plague, except for the times when I really have to go there, like if there’s an item only they offer at the moment.

    At PC Express, it’s a completely uneventful affair; the way that it should be. Approach one of the many sales reps at their stations, state your order, wait for him/her to pull it out of their computerized inventory system’s database, pay at the cashiers, sit down, and wait for your name to be called. Oh, and there’s usually Cable TV showing while you sit on one of the plentiful seats available. Additionally, there’s a lot of breathing space. I mean, they probably have the most capacious store in all the stores in Gilmore st. And, did I already mention there’s plenty of seats for everybody? At PC Options, I think the owner did not expect that customers would have to actually step inside the store to make an order, because there’s not much space in there, I’m telling ‘ya. And as far as buying/ordering goes, you have absolutely no F***ing idea whether they’ve already forgotten about your order or not.

    I don’t know what others find wrong about RSun, if any, but for the moment, this is the PC store to beat IMHO. As the first article at the top said (or was that the reply to the 2nd article? *scratching head*) that if you’d like to be fair, always give the cons as well as the pros. So, the only negative thing I’ve observed is RSun’s inventory isn’t the most exhaustive. Compared to the other stores, they usually lack some of the parts I look for. But hey, there’s no latency hear. You step into their store, get a price list, hand them the list of items you’d like to buy, wait for an insignificant amount of time, and your handed your items–very uneventful as well.

    Would be customers, though, might be put off by the fact that when you step into the store its usually only the staff and…well, YOU in there. Yep, store’s usually empty. Maybe it’s because their location is not the best one to be at–I had trouble finding it the first time. Even now, on my way when I visit their store i have to keep my eyes peeled just so I don’t miss it. It’s situated just a hundred meters or so after the fly-over bridge in Shaw (going to JRC). But don’t take my word for it, I don’t know the exact coordinates.

    So, that’s my two cent-…er…centav-…um…that’s my opinion.

  16. At the moment I consider RSun and PCX as my benchmarks when it comes to making my purchasing decisions on what’s being sold on the market today, as I’m aspiring to set up a shop of my own. I check out the parts and prices and then do some research and reading relevant reviews, along with personal experience with some brands.

    Always keep a wary eye on what they’re doing, and be so picky on details (especially with the parts) so bring along a competent and experienced PC technician friend to help you out and explain everything if you’re new to purchasing PC parts and packages — a n00b buyer can be easily fooled.

    Oh, well… the description of what’s inside PC Options reminds me of a typical day at a Chinese uncle’s hardware store. xD

  17. PCOPTIONS is the partly reason why computer prices went down in the 90’s the computer market was centered in virra mall (now called vmall ;P)

    it was the first store in gilmore 🙂 wasnt even a store they were just a few guys selling RAM (72 pin SIMM’s palang noon wala pang DIMM’s)at a jaw dropping price, pag naka 32MB EDO RAM ka sikat ka na noon hehehe, then slowly with the help of the buy and sell newspaper the evolved into a store, crushing virramall prices, the owner of pcoptions single handedly took on all the veteran computer giants and started a price war which rages on until now – – in my opinion he won big time – – because in any business the bottom line is price — this was a turning point in the computer industry because back in the day it was unheard of for you to build your own pc, dati kasi punta ka sa mall bili ka buo na, he started the long long long back to back price list the famous price list that was like a the stock market changing from day to day, he used to give it away by the way, until competitors used it against him ( monitoring his prices) now its a well guarded secret only revealed to walk in customers (hehehe) sya nag pauso ng parang buffet ng piesa daming choices 🙂 masisira ulo mo kakatingin

    pasalamat kayo meron pcoptions at nagkaroon ng banawe ng computer (gilmore ang tawag dun)

    saludo ako ke pc options 😉

    by the way i buy there because i dont wait in line 😛 hahahahaha

  18. so that’s why they no longer give out copies of their price list. amf!

  19. PCO has another branch in Shaw. Maybe you can go there to avoid the long lines

    I am a frequent customer of PCO

  20. nemesisdelta7 tama ka dyan isa ako sa saksi btween Vramall & “PCoptions” take note ha Viramall vs. PCoptions . ganun yun! PC otion ang nagbrak ng monopoly price ng computer d2 sa pinas .Thanks kay Peter Chua pinoy yan chinees lang apilyido pero pinoy talaga yan. Sa mga matagal na sa larangan ng Computer alam nila yan kwentong nyan. Pcoption is the only one in Gilmore ang tagal bago tumabi si PCX tapos PCbuyer Dreancham then dumami na kung ano ano name na sumulput sa gilmore.

    SALAMAT sa PC OPTION that what i can say Saludo ako.

  21. does anyone tried to check the site of GAISANO INTERPACE COMPUTER SYSTEM? here is the link http://gaisano-interpace.com
    I think computer parts/ computer units are more cheaper than PCX and RSUN. I’ve check the price list of both store(PCX & RSUN) and its differ to hundreds just like the INTEL D945GCLF with Intel ATom from PCX it cost 3190 and for GAISANO it cost 2595 only. Big difference isn’t it? And you could ask them if they have stock on what parts you’ll needing. just e-mail them. 😉

  22. Very well said nemesisdelta7 regarding PC Options lots of nostalgic memories about this shop. First built my 586 DX with Hulk “Green” monitor here, LoL! I also share some ups & downs with this shop like the horrible Divisoria style crowd & the dreaded warranty claims but most important is their jaw dropping price cuts devalueing everyday until the item is sold out and gone forever. Parang weather lang yan, may tag ulan at tag araw, pana-panahon lang, nobody is perfect but they strive to be one. This also applies to other computer shops that I have transacted with in the Metro. Siguro naman di naman lahat sa atin bumibili everytime dito sa Gilmore sa every computer needs natin.

  23. guys, check this Enigma store, they have much better price offer compared to any computer store. they didnt step in in NCR yet but most of provinces in Luzon have already deploy their Nice design and ambience branches. so ung mga tga probinsya check ENIGMA store first before going to manila. magugulat kayo promise!

  24. hi, can anybody give me the contact number of pc option in gilmore? cellphone or landline. or both. thanks

  25. enigma price is cheaper than pc options,,, for now they are the cheapest option =)

  26. ok naman sa pc option ah!

  27. http://daneworks.blogspot.com/2011/03/pc-domain-price-list-as-of-march-2011.html

    compare the price list

    here is PC DOMAIN on sm fairview..

  28. Good Day!

    I would like to ask for a quotation of the folwing items:

    Manufacturer Model Number Size (GB)
    Seagate ST32000644NS 2000
    Seagate ST31000524NS 1000
    Seagate ST31000340NS 1000
    Hitachi HUA722020ALA330 2000


  29. RSun don’t exist on the net anymore, have they gone Bankrupt?

  30. The trouble with ENIGMA, is that they only cater for the low end computer market, at least on there website.

  31. I am wondering why the prices sa website ng pc options are much higher than pc gilmore. It is a lot higher. about 500 yung difference. Is it also part of their marketing strategy? well kapag baguhan ka lang o di ka naman sanay na bumibili ng pc. di mo pipiliin yung pc options kasi nung nagcanvas ka sa website nila sobrang mahal.

  32. i need intel xeon e1220 and S1200BTS motherboard hope you help me get the price so i can visit pc option

  33. (2010) I bought my rig from PC Options. They even gave me a complimentary payong which I still use today (6/2012), pretty nifty little bugger. Anyway back to the commet.. All in all I can say my experience was okay. I literally went to all stores in Gilmore to find the best price. YES! Including the ones in the side. Anyway, I can clearly say that PC Options provided the best deal for a PC built form scratch. Spent only around 23k for an Athlon II 4x, Radeon 5770, 350gb, & 4gig RAM.. inlcuding an LG LED worth 6k and php500 (I forget) service fee to assemble it.

    I\’d personally say that they stick out from getting a website, or using those gloves and what not. That\’s the risk and trick of keeping the price below market value. Don\’t expect to get world class service and demand budget prices. By all means please head to the Apple store instead.. I agree with one comment saying checking prices on PCX and other websites then heading to PCoptions. You\’ll definitely see which has the best price for the product.

    All in – Going back next year to upgrade my PC @ PCOptions.

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