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Globelines Broadband acid test



Here I present my acid test of the service provided by Innove’s Globelines Broadband in Makati. I have been a subscriber to their ISP in Quezon City before and was satisfied from the very beginning, but things are slightly different here in Makati as I presently see it. I applied for their wired 995 Plan which offers 1mbps bandwidth. Their Sales Rep told me that there are no lock-in periods for Globelines subscriber in my area and anytime I wish to terminate the connection, I can do so without hassles. Obviously, that’s not the case. It also took them a good 10 days to process my request and the technicians sent to my place had a hard time getting the DSL light in the modem steady. They spent almost three hours troubleshooting and configuring the lines and the switch cabinets I guess.

Now comes the fishy part. You should remember that I applied for 1mbps but the speed I am having is dismal, and visibly in all the tests I performed of the connections – produced only a maximum of only 384kbps. That’s the speed of Smartbro. So as of now, I’ll write nothing against Globelines and the speed they are currently providing. I will be spending the whole month monitoring the speeds, and if need be, ask for rebates and compensations. If they produce the speed I’m paying for, then I guess I’ll commend the great service here in Makati. However, if things go south, rest assured that my observations and rants will not go unnoticed. So let us wait and see until Globelines comply and deliver as they promised.

As of the meantime, these are the rated speeds I got from the tests I performed:


Modem Test Prolink 5200 Hurricane


Globelines Bandwidth Meter


CNET Speedtest






Speakeasy Speedtest


So there you go, we’ll be waiting for any developments in my bandwidth and post here as soon as possible.


3 Responses

  1. That’s not right. I have the same package but I am satisfied with the speed I’m getting. This value doesn’t change so I’m guessing it’s from the setting in their cabinet. You should demand for better speed.

  2. You should get:

    Upstream Speed 1019 kbps
    Downstream Speed 3072 kbps

    With actual speeds ranging from 800kbps-1mbps download and an average of 300kbps upload rate.

  3. Globe Broadband sucks!!! I am a subscriber here in makati, Pio Del Pilar… I have no internet connection for 15 days… already and still counting.. I think they are not doing anything… the customer service rep have no idea when i problem is going to be fixed… they keep on saying its system restoration… to hell with them…

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