Marketplace Site Review – Online Deals Multiply is an international social networking service, I included it since it is very popular here in the Philippines to online traders.

Website Worth: $14,038,462.83 (Cubestat)
Daily Pageviews: 6,410,257 (Cubestat)
Daily Ads Revenue: $19,230.77 (Cubestat)

  • Users can limit if their item can be viewed by setting security settings to Public, Private (network only), or Private (invite only) for each item on their site.
  • Users can also upload unlimited photos, hosted in the photo module. There are also modules for music, reviews, links, and recipes.
  • The marketplace section is designed to be a way to showcase items that a person may want to pass on to contacts or to search for an item that a user’s contacts may have.

Forte: Personal Online Store or Marketplace
Pros: If your store is popular enough, you’ll have a potential in drawing loyal buyers to your online shop. It may also be posted in other media like TV and blogs and your products might be linked and referred by other satisfied customers.
Cons: If you seldom use multiply, you’ll have a hard time drawing a number of customers. You must also have a small group or at least a stable number of fellow viewers and posters in your store to keep the popularity of your online business afloat. Another is the trouble with Multiply is that its tools are quite rudimentary. You can’t, say, drag and drop a large batch of photos for uploading. Instead, you must select them one at a time. You can’t use the WYSIWYG in the Marketplace as you do in your blog page.

This review is part of the entry posted Five Best Philippine Sites for Finding Deals Online

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  1. We actually do have a drag-and-drop photo uploader. Assuming that you have java enabled in your browser, the java uploader should start by default when you go to upload. If not, you can select it at the bottom of the page.

    We also offer an AutoUploader, which eliminates the pain of waiting for uploads.

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