Five Best Philippine Sites for Finding Deals Online 2009

Rock-Five Five Best Philippine Sites for Finding Deals Online

The following are the Top Five Philippine sites which I find to be relevant and useful in your search for finding great online deals in the internet. In these sites you can sell, swap, trade, auction or buy various items from other users. I have here listed the best sites for the trade, the do’s and don’ts, and my experience in dealing in these sites.

1. This giant online company has established a presence in almost 8 countries and provides a free online classified ads service. It is a subsidiary of, the no.1 Job search site in Asia Pacific. With its innovative way of presenting product and service descriptions and a comprehensive range of categories such as Household, Wedding, Pet, Health & Fitness, gives people the power of choosing the right product or service they require. It is also a great place at finding business franchise deals.

Website Worth: $792,617.94 (Cubestat)
Daily Pageviews: 361,926 (Cubestat)
Daily Ads Revenue: $1,085.78 (Cubestat)
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2. The E-Commerce is definitely a rising star in the Philippine online classifieds scene. What I like about Sulit the most is it’s Service oriented and Community driven approach. The Ad currency system also plays a large part to it’s popilarity.

Website Worth: $847,197.12 (Cubestat)
Daily Pageviews: 386,848 (Cubestat)
Daily Ads Revenue: $1,160.54 (Cubestat)

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3.a is the leading trade site for buying and selling brand new and second-hand computer parts and peripherals in the Philippines. In this trading site you can buy new or used Add-on Cards, Cables and Adapters, Casings and Power Supplies, CD/DVD-R/RW Drives, Cooling Devices, Desktops Systems, Digital Media Players, Digital and Web Cameras, Game Consoles, Game Controllers, Games and Software, Graphics Cards, Hard Disk Drives and more.

Website Worth: $188,631.27 (Cubestat)
Daily Pageviews: 86,133 (Cubestat)
Daily Ads Revenue: $258.40 (Cubestat)


This site is the little brother of It caters to trading mobile phones, smart phones, and other gadgets or devices. Though carrying the same community members and services from TipidPC, the cellphone trade site has not enjoyed as much success as the former. It boasts meager hits of no more than 400 members simultaneously during peak hours. However, it still is worth checking out since you might find a good deal in getting a cheap refurbished mobile phone or a repriced brand new gadget.

Website Worth: $90,981 (SmartPageRank)
Daily Pageviews: 1,900 (Estibot)
Rank: 111,390 (Alexa)

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4. Multiply is an international social networking service, I included it since it is very popular here in the Philippines to online traders.
Website Worth: $14,038,462.83 (Cubestat)
Daily Pageviews: 6,410,257 (Cubestat)
Daily Ads Revenue: $19,230.77 (Cubestat)

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5. provides online market services where members can buy or sell goods and services, either through bidding or buying. After a potential buyer chooses an item, the buyer fills up a form and pays thru the site’s payment facilities.

Website Worth: $19,453.77 (Cubestat)
Daily Pageviews: 8,883 (Cubestat)
Daily Ads Revenue: $26.65 (Cubestat)

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Special Mention: The following sites could have made it to our Top Five. is an online trading site almost similar with TipidPC and with a familiar sounding name (reversed letters). The site has an advantage over TipidPC in the sense that all members are premium members for free. They have their own image hosting for your Ads, and they also have an item shipping system included. Compared to TipidPC, they have implemented a site-wide points system for every transaction. The only advantage of TipidPC over them which I clearly see is that TipidPC has been around for sometime thereby establishing their marketability to the online community, and the number of visitors to TipidPC is huge compared to this new kid on the block.
Website Worth: $6,727.68 (Cubestat)
Daily Pageviews: 3,072 (Cubestat)
Daily Ads Revenue: $9.22 (Cubestat) The buyer pays according to seller’s payment instructions, including PayPal, COD, or Bank payout as written on the item listing.
Website Worth: $330,068.04 (Cubestat)
Daily Pageviews: 150,716 (Cubestat)
Daily Ads Revenue: $452.15 (Cubestat)

BuyandSellph is the online version of the popular Buy and Sell Ads paper in the Philippines. What you tend to expect in the paper is somewhat the same in this online version with a few variations in paid Ads and links. The main difference is that it’s free since you don’t buy anything from newspaperstands but browse only the posted ads in the web.
Website Worth: $24,155.70 (Cubestat)
Daily Pageviews: 11,030 (Cubestat)
Daily Ads Revenue: $33.09 (Cubestat) is an online portal of Entrepreneur Magazine published by Summit Digital. Their Marketplace is limited to Forum based membership.
Website Worth: $188,631.27 (Cubestat)
Daily Pageviews: 86,133 (Cubestat)
Daily Ads Revenue: $258.40 (Cubestat) is a Forum based Computers and IT marketplace which implements a one thread per seller policy. It has a tight community with friendly members. The problem in selling here is that you are limited to forum members. The small population of prospective traders may prolong and diminish the chances of possible purchase of your items.
Website Worth: $1200 (Estibot)
Daily Pageviews: 250 (Estibot)
Domain Appraisal: $90 (Estibot) is a free gadget price compare oriented website. It was made to ensure that consumers will know where to get the lowest and affordable gadget prices in the market. Although it does not just focus primarily on prices, it  also includes the gadgets features, shop names and locations. This website helps users to select and analyze different gadgets in the market. It envisions itself as the leading online medium for gadget retailers, distributors and consumers in the Philippines.
Website Worth: $5,700 (Estibot)
Daily Pageviews: 1,300 (Estibot)
Domain Name Appraisal: $100 (Estibot) is an Online Classified Ads Website that caters for the Filipino consumers, Merchants, Entrepreneur, Employer and Job Seeker. They offer a place in the web for anybody that needs advertisements space for their goods, sercives, events, and other things that may want to advertise for free. The site disclaims any liability from any transactions conducted over its website.

Website Worth: $490 (Estibot)
Daily Pageviews: 80 (Estibot)
Domain Name Appraisal: $40 (SmartPageRank) is used in over 40 countries in 15 languages. The company was founded in March 2006 and is privately held. OLX provides a simple solution to the complications involved in selling, buying, trading, discussing, organizing, and meeting people near you, wherever you may reside. It’s like your reading a newspaper when you browse OLX. Don’t let the site lay-out fool you since OLX Philippines site also sports online trade capabilities.

Website Worth: $200,001.75 (Cubestat)
Daily Pageviews: 91,325 (Cubestat)
Domain Name Appraisal: $273.98 (Cubestat)

It is recommended that though these sites are good in helping you find the best deal for your business, it is always imperative to be very cautious in every deal. Most scammers, swindlers and low-ballers are lurking behind a nice username.

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