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Portable Flash player in Portable Firefox


Yes, you have your own set of portable applications – your secret super portable software weapons. I understand, it’s like click and run, your cyber veins are screaming to forget native installation. No more to installation cycles!

You got your portable Firefox, Firebird, Ccleaner, KompoZer, UTorrent, VLC, Gimp and a host of other apps like portable games. Then you fire-up your portable Firefox with your custom set of bookmarks, plug-ins and settings. Continue reading

Globelines Broadband acid test



Here I present my acid test of the service provided by Innove’s Globelines Broadband in Makati. I have been a subscriber to their ISP in Quezon City before and was satisfied from the very beginning, but things are slightly different here in Makati as I presently see it. I applied for their wired 995 Plan which offers 1mbps bandwidth. Their Sales Rep told me that there are no lock-in periods for Globelines subscriber in my area and anytime I wish to terminate the connection, I can do so without hassles. Obviously, that’s not the case. It also took them a good 10 days to process my request and the technicians sent to my place had a hard time getting the DSL light in the modem steady. They spent almost three hours troubleshooting and configuring the lines and the switch cabinets I guess.

Now comes the fishy part. You should remember that I applied for 1mbps but the speed I am having is dismal, and visibly in all the tests I performed of the connections – produced only a maximum of only 384kbps. That’s the speed of Smartbro. So as of now, I’ll write nothing against Globelines and the speed they are currently providing. I will be spending the whole month monitoring the speeds, and if need be, ask for rebates and compensations. If they produce the speed I’m paying for, then I guess I’ll commend the great service here in Makati. However, if things go south, rest assured that my observations and rants will not go unnoticed. So let us wait and see until Globelines comply and deliver as they promised.

As of the meantime, these are the rated speeds I got from the tests I performed:

Continue reading

PLDT Scandal – Hell day for Customer Service


I admit I’m a bit late in publishing this scandal involving the PLDT call center agent who was caught cursing a customer on tape. It has spawned into a viral case which prompted the blogosphere and other related social-networking services to capitalize on the heat of the scandal. It was uploaded in 2006 and made more than 200,000 hits and almost two hundred ratings, but nevertheless still important for those considering a service from PLDT. I certainly feel the weight of this being a customer of PLDT myself. Take note that I am dissatisfied myself and I feel betrayed by this ISP giant if I may say. You can read here my past tech rant on PLDT myDSL. PLDT certainly employs a lousy customer service and ill-equipped agents at worst.


customer service


I do not condone how the customer bullied, cursed and belittled the agent. It was wrong and downright unprofessional. It is a social and moral decay of sorts for any person to treat anybody like that. As we say, “Your right as a person stops when the rights of others begin.” The person over the phone is not a machine nor a dog – whom you can lash with shame and be stripped of dignity. However, the agent involved made the worst out of that scenario. I was a call center employee before and I knew the task and the weight of the load it carries to satisfy the needs of an irate customer. Had the agent taken control of the situation and not let her emotions cloud her judgment, it couldn’t have gone the way it went. Muting your microphone while you curse back the customer is never an option.

It is what we call “Customer Service”, not customer disservice. We must bring not our emotions over the very job which we took an oath to provide with utmost responsibility. It is a moral obligation of a CSR to assure the customer how the company is doing its best to provide quality service and meet the very needs they pay for. The bad thing here in our country, bureaucracy and personal upliftment is higher in priority than selfless customer service. It is a social norm like a lingering cancer that must be eradicated so that we as a nation can progress.

The CSR or agent could have made steps to avoid the unnecessary heated altercation with an irate and disappointed client or customer. One’s effectivity in communication is crucial in not only assuring a satisfied customer but also avoiding substancial loss of a number of dissatisfied customers for your company: Continue reading

How to remove CTFMON

Ever heard of CTFMON? Try looking at the processes in the Task Manager. This one very annoying Windows program runs during start up. It is a harmless process connected with the Alternate User Input Text Input Processor and the Microsoft Office Language Bar. You may had been frustrated trying to remove it every way possible you can. I bet that you have tried deleting it in the Windows folder, in the registry, in MSconfig or used a third party registry editor. And nothing’s solving the issue. If you’re like me who’s an OSI and freeware advocate and seldom use programs like MS Office, here’s the workaround. Blast that CTFMON! This process is critical if you have a very thrifty PC memory. Now, try to go to Control panel then proceed to Add and Remove Programs. Select the Microsoft Office product and hit change. After that you will see Maintenance Mode Options, then choose Add or Remove Features and hit Next. Click on Office Shared Features and look for Alternative User Input and check Not available then hit Update. Now open Control Panel and go to Regional and language Options. Click on Language tab and Details. In the Installed Services, select and remove all items except English keyboard. For starters, the last part may seem awkwardly difficult but believe me, you can do this. Hit Start, Run and enter these commands: Regsvr32.exe /u msimtf.dll and then Regsvr32.exe /u Msctf.dll . It’s better to do these things step by step but normally, I just do the last two commands. Do what’s effective for you.

Windows XP Run Commands

I am a keyboard freak. If by chance you get a glance of my desktop screen, you will not see a single icon. I only leave my run command tab as the remaining point of command in my Windows XP OS. I inherited this behavior even during the MS-DOS days – obviously. Here is a list of the commands I usually use that you yourself can employ if ever you want to get more in tune with the command line.

Accessibility Controls – access.cpl
Add Hardware Wizard – hdwwiz.cpl
Add/Remove Programs – appwiz.cpl
Administrative Tools – control admintools
Adobe Acrobat – acrobat
Adobe ImageReady – imageready
Adobe Photoshop – photoshop
Automatic Updates – wuaucpl.cpl
Bluetooth Transfer Wizard – fsquirt
Calculator – calc
Ccleaner – ccleaner (run ccleaner)
Certificate Manager – certmgr.msc
Character Editor – eudcedit
Character Map – charmap
Check Disk Utility – chkdsk
Check Disk Utility Fix – chkdsk /f
Clear DOS screen – cls
Clipboard Viewer – clipbrd
Command Prompt – cmd
Component Services – dcomcnfg
Continue reading

Windows XP SP2 Tweaks Part 1

These are few of the usual tweaks I perform for Windows XP. Currently, I’m using Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. Not all of these tips may work for everyone but is most effective to boost XP system performance.

Stop the unwanted Services:
(Either choose to completely disable or check manual) FTP Publishing (If you’re not into web publishing), Message Queuing, DLTC, IPSEC Policy, Remote Registry Agent, RIP Listener, WWW Publishing, Automatic Updates (Take care: If you don’t want the updates), Error Reporting, System Restore, Indexing, Internet Connection Firewall (Be careful: Only if not in use), Messenger, NVdia Driver Helper, Portable Media Serial Number, Task Scheduler

In System Properties:
You can disable Remote Connection, Automatic Updates, and System Restore to speed-up your PCs performance.

Swap File:
Change min and max to at least 2GB

Always Clean Prefetch and Temporary Files and history if unneeded

File System:
NTFS is the best considering its’ encryption, security, and I/O throttling capabilities. It also supports up to 2 terabytes HD capacity.

Windows 2000 Log-on for XP:
Go to Users, uncheck Welcome Screen and your done.

Remove the intrusive Windows components:
Go first to folder options and choose to show hidden and system files. Navigate to Windows and search for INF folder, then look for sysoc and open it with Notepad. Then go to Edit toolbar, press Replace, type Hide in the first blank space, and leave the second space blank. Save the file and voila! Now you’re done. You can now uninstall unnecessary windows components like Messenger, Outlook and many more.

Fast Boot Sequence:
Download and install bootvis, if you like you can set the windows theme appearance to best performance, or take out the wallpaper. You can also uncheck GUI-boot loading in MS-config.

Wireless Device Configuration:
It is best to leave Windows XP to install automatically drivers for your wireless devices for it will connect you to available wireless resources by default.

First enable Hibernation in Power icon in control panel if your system supports it. Then at log-off or shut down menu, press H or just the Shift button and you can now hibernate.