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Here you can view the websites I created as listed below:
THE11thROCK™ Technologies
THE11thROCK™ Technologies gives the latest news and information about my websites and some tips and tweaks that I make for several platforms like Linux, Mac and Windows and more of my tech stuff and geek gadgets. Also included are my ventures to computer games modding and my favorite latest hardware, freeware and open source software.
PROJECTALPHA™ Official Website
Nominated in the most prestigious Command and Conquer Community Awards 2005 sponsored by EA Games Inc. (Electronic Arts) for the Best Newcomer Website Award. PROJECTALPHA™ is a Next Generation Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge Total Conversion Modification. Mod Version is still under development and nearing its’ completion. So just watch out and wait for the first release of the most promising Mod for RA2 Yr that will revolutionize the way the game is played. The Next Generation Red alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge Total Conversion Modification. This highly anticipated Mod sports new animations, new unit voices and sound effects, rocking musical themes, beautiful loading screens, and unique units, buildings and sidebar for every side.
The Philippine Basketball Team Website
Spearheaded the first-ever One-Million Signature Support Campaign for Team Pilipinas. The Philippines were once the Basketball Kings of Asia. To date, only the Philippines remain to be the only country in Asia to have ever landed a Bronze Medal (Top Three) in the World Basketball Championships. The best Top Five finish in the history of the Olympics Basketball games has never been done by any country in Asia except for the Philippines. Filipino fans stand to unite to help the Philippine National Basketball Team once more fulfill this feat and again relinquish the Asian Gold Medal Dream.
The Philippine Basketball Team Forums Board
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