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Web Safe Hex Colors – 216 Cross Browser Color Pallete Cheat Sheet



These are the Web Safe Hex Colors – 216 Cross Browser Color Pallete Cheat Sheet for HTML and CSS color specification. The table below lists all 216 colors,

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ASCII – HTML Table Chart – ASCII Codes Cheat Sheet



This is the ASCII Table Chart – ASCII Codes Cheat Sheet. ASCII is the acronym for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. ASCII consists of a…

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140 Common Hex Color Names – Browser Friendly Cheat Sheet



These are the Color Names Supported by All Browsers 140 color names are defined in the HTML and CSS color specification (17 standard colors plus 123 more)….

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How To speed-up Mozilla Firefox to super fast



This is a guide on How To speed-up Mozilla Firefox to super fast performance. Firefox still ranks as one of the best browsers in the world with over half a…

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How To Fix the “Warning Unresponsive Script” message in Firefox

This is a guide on How To Fix the “Warning Unresponsive Script” message in Firefox. You may have noticed the “Warning: Unresponsive script” error message


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H33t Torrent Site down


The popular website h33t.com had been down since January 2, 2009 and has never been back up until now. Some members expressed concern that the famed torrent site might have been hijacked. Apparently, according to some users it was only temporary since it was a router issue and it’s on the way to being fixed.



UPDATE: H33t is now Up

As quoted on downtime
  • H33t is down for the first time in almost 3 years. It happened because the server payment didn’t make it due to the holidays.
    LD has addressed the issue and it will be up as soon as the host clears the payment.
    I’ve had direct contact from LD and the issue should be resolved shortly.

    There is no problem with the servers. The server is new and purchased by the membership. A brand new server was recently
    purchased and put online. The forums and other items run on a second server. Thats why both sites went down. It was due to hosting rather than server. H33t actually owns it’s servers rather than renting them.

    H33t Salamander

Top Browsers of 2008 Showdown

2008 is the resurgence of the Internet Browser wars. I have here listed the Browsers I try frequently myself. I suggest that you try to check all these stuff first before installing your browser of choice.



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